Join the COVID-19 Testing Update List

Do you suspect that you have COVID-19 symptoms? Are you trying to get a test for COVID-19, but are unable to? 

Record your symptoms and receive updates about increases in testing capacity in your region within the United States. 

There is currently a shortage of COVID-19 testing in the United States. The tests are primarily reserved for high-risk patients.  We want to ensure that patients that suspect they have a COVID-19 diagnosis, but are unable to get a test now get notified once testing becomes more available for everyone.

What is the Process?

1. Fill Out Screener

Complete a 3-minute anonymized screener to note the symptoms you are experiencing. This information will give a better understanding of how many people want access to testing and where they are generally located.

2. Sign-up for Testing Updates

We will send live updates and alerts about increased testing capacity in your area as well as. This can be done by email or text depending on the information you provide.

3. Self-Isolation & Stay Healthy

If your symptoms worsen, call you doctor immediately. While waiting to hear more information about testing, make sure to practice self-isolation and to keep yourself and others. Explore some of the below resources to better take care of yourself and others.


Most frequent questions and answers

Sharing your experience about what symptoms you have is important to better inform and assess how many people want a COVID-19 test, why and where they are located.

In order to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, we need to understand the symptoms people are experiencing both at the hospital and during self-isolation. Since the US is unable to test everyone at the moment, it’s important to monitor this information to better plan and prepare labs and healthcare workers about what communities’ needs are in terms of testing.   

Testing is a crucial first step to assess who needs access to healthcare services and also how to best mitigate further spreading of COVID-19.

We are a small group of diagnostics professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, volunteers and concerned citizens on a mission to make sure that we can increase the COVID-19 capacity in the United States to ensure that those that suspect they have COVID-19 are able to determine what their health status is. 

For a full list of our team see the following link. 

Our mission is really to alert all those that suspect that they have COVID-19 and have access to a test when they become more widely available. 

The World Health Organization’s director communicated a simple message to countries around the world. 

“Test, test, test.” 

Testing all suspected cases is a vital part of understanding the scale of the outbreak and how it is changing overtime. We recognize this importance, and we function with the simple mission of enabling citizens to get tested once it becomes available.

We are following tracking the testing capacity increases, media and government announcements everyday. Our goal is to send aggregated updates 3 times a week.

We plan to include information about testing capacity increases, broadening of testing criteria and new testing facilities opened in regional updates

We will be sending updates via email and SMS, and will contact you via the method you outlined in the update registration form.

The symptom screener is entirely anonymous and is used to inform us about what the needs of communities around the US are and to conduct basic research about the COVID-19. We only collect your email and phone number to contact you about updates related to COVID-19, testing and services in the US. 

For more information about this, please see our privacy policy

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